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When everything has its place in a storage cabinet, box or container, even a self-storage space, finding what you need is easy and fast. Get our tips on corralling all your stuff.

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Tumbling Coach Lain holds up public storage moving box outside his business storage unit

Business Storage Unit Helps Power Tumbling Coach to Success

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4 Easy Holiday Storage Ideas

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finished attic space with built-in storage for more organization

Helpful Attic Storage Solutions

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woman using a locker for storage in a guest bedroom

What Is a Flex Room and (How to Make One Work for You)?

If you’re curious about what is a flex room, they’re also known as a multipurpose room, a space in your home that pulls double-duty. ... Read more
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under stairs storage drawers

Under Stairs Storage Solutions for Your Home

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organized garage storage

Tips for Tackling Outdoor Storage: Organizing Sheds and Garages

Committing to reworking your outdoor storage can do wonders for your whole home. With proper organization, your things will last longer, be easier to find. ... Read more
empty public storage unit

Helpful Business Storage Tips for Tax Season

Understanding how your business storage situation can affect your taxes can help ensure that it’s smooth sailing come April 15. ... Read more
wrap christmas light strands in a ball for easy storage

How to Store Christmas Lights: 5 Simple Ways for Tangle-Free Decorations

Learn how to store Christmas lights and avoid the hassle of separating tangled strands next season on the Public Storage blog. ... Read more
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