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No matter what your business storage needs are, we have a solution that fits them.

Small Business Storage

Whether you’re putting away seasonal materials or decluttering your workspace for some extra room, our small business storage units are great for storing boxes and small furniture pieces.

Large Business Storage

When you need to get those bigger office furniture pieces or equipment out of the way, our large business storage units make it easy to store and access these items at your convenience.

Business Vehicle Storage

Your business vehicle is a reflection of your brand. When it’s not being driven around, keep it in our covered, uncovered and enclosed vehicle storage units.

The Public Storage App

The Ultimate Tool for Contactless Storage

Access Your Inventory

Open gates, doors and elevators with a simple tap of your phone to pick up or drop off items with ease.

Make Payments

Conveniently pay your bill and get notified when next month’s rent is due to avoid pesky late fees.

Manage Your Space

Give designated users access to your unit and easily review access history records to stay on top of things.

Business Industries We Serve

Our storage solutions service businesses across a variety of industries. Contact us and we’ll help you find a unit best suited to your business needs.

Storage Unit Size Guide

Choosing the size of your business storage unit can be tricky. We’re here to help make it easier. For specifics on the types of things that can be stored, check your rental agreement.


Small Self Storage Units

Our small self-storage units range from 5’x5’ to 5’x10’ and are great for storing boxes, small furniture or the contents of one room.

Medium Self Storage Units

Our medium self-storage units range from 5’x15’ to 10’x10’ and are perfect for storing the contents of a smaller commercial office space.

Large Self Storage Units

Our large self-storage units range from 10’x15’ to 10’x25’ and are ideal for storing items from a larger commercial office space.

Just think of us as an extension of your business.

With more locations nationwide than any other company, we’re always just around the corner, including these near your business:

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Medium Business Storage FAQs

Get quick answers to your business storage questions below! For specific details on what can be kept in your storage unit, check your rental agreement.

Can I run my business out of my storage unit?

You can use your unit to store business inventory, supplies, furniture, equipment and materials. You can also use it to perform business operations, such as conducting inventory counts. You may not, however, use your storage unit as an office space, storefront or as the physical address of your business.


Can I send deliveries to my storage unit?

To ensure the safe delivery of your business items, most Public Storage locations cannot accept deliveries on your behalf. For more info, be sure to check with your facility’s property manager.


How many boxes fit in a medium storage unit?

Our medium business storage solutions range from 5’x15’ to 10’x10’. The number of boxes your unit can hold will depend on their sizes, but 5’x15’ storage units can hold approximately 108 medium-sized boxes (20 inches by 20 inches), although we recommend less so you can still move around the unit. 10’x10’ storage units can hold approximately 144 medium-sized boxes, but we recommend capping it at 100 to allow for smooth access throughout the unit.

To find available medium business storage units near you, use our storage locator tool and filter results by Medium Units.


Can a 10’x10’ storage unit hold a car?

If you need to store a car or other business vehicle, we strongly recommend using one of our dedicated vehicle storage units to do so. These start at 10’x20’ so your vehicle can fit comfortably and come in covered, uncovered and enclosed options to accommodate your vehicle storage needs.


When can I access my storage unit?

You can enter and exit anytime during gate access hours. While these vary by location, gate access is typically available daily from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Our facilities feature entry points that can be conveniently accessed via electronic keypad or the Public Storage app on your phone.

5x15 Storage Unit Size Guide

5x15 Storage Unit Size Guide

How much can you store in a 5x15 storage unit? Our 5x15 Storage unit size guide can help you determine what to store. A 5x15 storage unit can hold up to 30 moving boxes with room to spare.

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